Christmas handmade shopping guide

Did you know that Christmas is one of the biggest family events in the year. Some of us have big crazy families and some of us may not have love ones close by. For some, Christmas is a time to make sure the kids experience the joys of Christmas to the fullest. From Christmas trees to cookies and milk on the mantle there is something magical about the Christmas season. So why not start planning now! Don’t leave it until last minute before you are rushing around like a headless chicken trying to find what you need. You know that saying, failing to plan, is planning to fail.

So that’s why I have put together this gift guide to help you get organised from the get go! Take a look below at some of the wonderful options for friends and family with young families.

Memory quilt

Christmas falls right near the end of the year. Perfect time to reminisce about the year you had and prepare for the year ahead. Shomsa Creations offers memory quilts using your baby’s old clothes. From only £45 this is a great way of capturing those precious moments and memories experienced throughout the year. Just imagine receiving your wonderful memories in the form of a quilt, wrapped around you and your little one, sitting by the fire place on Christmas day. If you don’t have a fire place, there’s always the sofa watching the latest box set on offer- with the family and your quilt of course!

Head over to my website to get your order in time for Christmas. If you know someone who would love this you can always get them some gift vouchers and they can order a memory quilt after Christmas, what a good way to start the new year!

Medium sized memory quilt

Christmas Jay Blankets

The weather is completely different to what we had a few months ago. We all dream of the white Christmas to make the season a more special one. Whether or not there is snow, this is the perfect season for wrapping your baby up nice and warm. But who wants mundane pinks and blues. Spice up their blanket collection with bold vibrant colours that will be sure to get heads turning. Head over to to check out the beautiful blankets available. If you are really organised and want something even more special, you could even choose the fabric you want AND have time to make it a personalised blanket. Take a look at some of my designs on my facebook page 

red and green Christmas baby blanket

Reusable wipes

We are all encouraged to be more aware of the environment and the products we use that don’t help the environment. Have you ever thought about reusable cloth wipes? Use them, pop them in the washing machine and hey presto! you have your wipes to use again and again. Not only are they great for baby bums and toddler sticky fingers, but you can use them to take off your make up, clean surfaces and bath time dramas! Did I hear you say stocking fillers? A pack of wipes can be shared amongst your stocking filler, making them not only environmentally friendly, but also pocket friendly, especially if you are working with a budget.

African inspired reusable wipes

Play mats

Play time has never been so colourful! These African inspired play mats make an awesome Christmas present that both parent and baby will love. From beautiful bold colours to funky patterns the play mats will keep baby entertained for hours! Perfect for when you have your running in and out of the kitchen trying not to burn the turkey! Prices start at only £45

XL play mat

So if you want something out of the box that’s handmade with love that will last longer than just over this festive season, head over to for some amazing products.

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