My name is Fiona, and I created Shomsa Creations.

I put this business together whilst on maternity leave with two children under 2. (It doesn’t get more hectic than that!) But I found time to do what I love – creating. I want our next generation to be bold and confident, so decided to start with blankets and children’s clothing and other textile items.

My first sewing machine was an engagement gift from my husband. Our Ghanaian culture has a tradition where the groom provides his future wife with everything they will need to start a home together. When he first gave me the sewing machine, I had no intentions of using it! It sat at the top of my wardrobe until my first child was born.

Fed up with the shopping struggles of being a new mum, I decided to give it a go and make an outfit for my daughter. With no knowledge of sewing, I took apart her store-bought dress and used it as a template to make a dress.  This is where my story began. I’ve been practising endlessly since then and even got a few quick lessons from my busy aunt who is a fashion designer.

As I was practising making children’s clothes, a close friend of mine suffered the heartbreak of having a still born child. With a nursery fully furnished and a wardrobe full of clothes, every day was a reminder of what she had lost. I created my first memory blanket for her with the baby clothes her child never got to wear. It was her comfort, her memory, her treasure.

I incorporated African print (An-ka-ra) into the blanket, just as I had been with my daughter’s clothes. The fabrics are beautiful in colours and patterns, and are a great symbol of the strength my friend had to carry on.

I am proud to be a self-taught seamstress as well as a busy mum, and love to make unique blankets and clothes for parents like me. I like to share the joy and the memories, no matter what they may be, and enjoy seeing people’s faces light up when they receive their creation.