What my customers say

Fee created an unique and special quilt out of my children’s baby clothes. She managed to get the colours to work beautifully together and it’s already one of the most treasured items in our home! Thank you so much xxx

Bronwyn Memory Quilt

I didn’t know how to save my little boys favourite items, and we had a lot of character stuff we didn’t want to give up. When I saw the advert for the blankets I knew this was a fabulous idea. I had no clue that the blanket would be as fantastic and lovely as it is!
Thank you to Fee!

Clare Memory Quilt

The things this beautiful woman turns her hand too well….they are just amazing! I managed to purchase three beautiful skirts for my one year old daughter. The communications were excellent the arrival time perfect and the garments are faultless. Where ever we go we get comments on the beautiful skirt and I can not wait to buy more!

Ashleigh Clothing

Feeohhnaa made a quilt for me out of my son’s baby clothes, to make it even more special she added parts of my late fathers pillow case. I am over the moon with the result…. if your thinking of having one done then this is the lady to go to. Thank you so so much xx

Amy Memory Quilt

I had a memory blanket made by this wonderful lovely and caring lady for my sweet baby boy. I put all trust and faith into her on taking my baby’s clothes and I am so over the moon that I did the outcome is beautiful.
It was a easy process, she comes to your home to collect clothes brings samples of backing for the blankets so you can chose which colour suits best with the clothes you have. Off she goes and sets to work on your blanket mine was done with in a wk… She is a amazing and lovely women and her work is set to high standards….
Would 100% recommend her.

Angela Memory Quilt

I had a quilt made by Fiona and I’m so impressed with the workmanship. Very good quality and she is such a friendly person. I couldn’t recommend her enough

Sarah Memory Quilt